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Terminology Management

JiveFusion Technologies has a terminologist on staff to fulfill all your terminology development needs. Whether youíre starting from scratch or have already begun building a terminology resource for your organization, we can help. Our terminologist can provide you with the following services:

  • Extraction of terminology from your archived documents and/or translation memories to create terminology databases that are specific to your organizationís needs;
  • Validation of terminology in existing terminology databases, ensuring your records are consistent and correct;
  • Expansion of existing terminology records so that they contain information like definitions, contexts and usage notes.
  • If you donít have the time or resources to devote to maintaining your terminology database, why don't you let us do it for you? Or perhaps you'd like to do it yourself, but don't know where to start? Our terminologist can show you what kinds of information should be included in a terminology database, and where to get it.

    Not sure why you need terminology databases in the first place? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • To maintain consistent use of terminology from document to document
  • To specify the terminology preferences of your organization
  • To ensure that even your unilingual documentation has consistent terminology, enabling readers to seamlessly move from document to document without being confused by misused or incorrect terminology
  • To detail complicated concepts for your employees and external service providers in an easy-to-read format, ensuring your terminology is used correctly
  • To keep track of archaic terminology that may still be used when referencing historical events or time periods at your organization.
  • Our terminologist will help meet your terminology needs whatever they may be, and you can be certain that your Fusion Dictionaries will become an invaluable resource for your organization. Donít forget that Fusion automatically searches Dictionaries as well as Translation Memories throughout the translation process. You donít use Fusion? What are you waiting for?! No matter though, our staff has experience using most industry tools.

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